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Canon D30


I finally got my hands on a digital SLR camera! My friend Anso decided to buy a new one and gave away her old D30 to me (well, I’ll probably have to pay some symbolic sum for it). She had got it a few years ago from a friend and photographer who now shoots for HBL. I only got the body, but I had a couple of crap lenses I used with my analog SLR that fitted on this one. One is a 35-80mm kit lens and the other a Sigma 100-300mm which has some trouble with the aperture…

Anyhow, it’s nice to shoot some real photos again, and best of all it’s free! So expect a steady stream of pictures in my gallery from now on.


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WPG2 plugin hacking


I finally got the time (at work, muahaha) to try to fix the problems I’ve had with the WPG2 plugin, displaying and linking to images from my Gallery2 photo gallery in my blog. The default behaviour of the plugin is to display a Gallery2 thumbnail (the 100×100 pixel with watermark, if you check my gallery) and open an embedded gallery page inside my blog. This screwed up everything and just looked disastrous, so I said “fuck it” and didn’t think more about it.Today I thougth that there has to be a way to get the plugin to work as I want it to, namely to display a down-scaled full size image (i.e. not the little square thumbnail) and to link to the standalone gallery instead of the embedded page. I succeeded to 99%.

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