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Rewriting the WPG2 URL

I’m sick and tired of the new WPG2 plugin for WordPress forcing me to use the embedded gallery page. Sure, nowadays you can configure it to look identical to the actual gallery, but that doesn’t satisfy me. Since my gallery is on another virtual domain ( as opposed to I want the images in my WordPress sidebar to link to a page where the URL tells me that I’ve moved away from the blog and am now viewing the gallery. WPG2 version 3.x doesn’t do this, so I decided to fix it myself (yet again a case of “if you want something done, do it yourself).

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Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2

Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2I’ve taken a leap backwards in time, about 70 years. During the yearly summer festival in my home town I stumbled upon this 1937 bellow camera which I got for only 10€. After shooting with my fully automatic digital Canon D30 (released year 2000) for some years, I’m up for a real challenge.

This baby doesn’t have any of the photographic aids I’m used to. No light meter and no way of adjusting focus by looking through the lens (as is the case with SLR cameras). Instead, focus have to be adjusted by estimating the distance to the subject, and aperture and shutter time have to be adjusted by estimating the available light together with the speed of the film. The principles are simple, but I definitely have to say goodbye to my point-and-shoot practice. Taking a picture with this one takes at least five minutes…

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EF 50mm f/1.8 II


I bought a nice new lens for my camera some weeks ago. It’s a basic 50mm lens, but with a quite wide aperture, 1.8. Perfect for taking portraits and pictures with short depth of field.

I was adventurous enough to take my camera with me to a couple of parties last weekend. But I’m glad I did, since I got quite a few nice pictures. But then again, I shot almost 1200 pictures in two days, 200 of which were worth showing…

I’m amazed that I actually was able to take the pictures since I was as drunk as anyone else on those parties. However, It’s a well known fact (?) that alcohol breeds creativity 😉

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Partially desaturated image in Gimp


Hahaa, more Gimping going on here. I decided to try to make a partially desaturated image and it wasn’t hard at all. After learning how to make a blur frame and a vignette effect in Gimp, this was a piece of cake.

Following the same basic steps – duplicate image, add layer mask, manipulate lower layer, delete from layer mask – this image was done in about 10-15 minutes. The only thing taking time was the manual paintbrushing at the edges of the mushroom.

I’m starting to like Gimp more and more… Let’s see what else I come up with in the future.

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Gallery facelift

I just finished installing a new theme for my gallery. It’s based on the “Carbon” theme I used before, but this “Gecko” theme is a bit cleaner and narrower. A bit more stylish IMO. I also added a bit of customization (the banner and a custom css image frame).

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Creating a blur frame in Gimp


I had a chat with a friend of mine yesterday about photography and naturally there was a lot of equipment geek-talk. I realized (once again) that I’ve only got crap lenses to use with my D30, so when I came home I started browsing around for a pre-used lens. The requirements were (in priority order):

1) wide aperture (F1.8 – F2.8) and
2) wide angle (17/18mm)

I found a Sigma lens that would fit my needs perfectly. However, my wallet disagreed almost instantaneously. Okay, but let’s just see what the lens can perform. Googling around for some sample images, I stumbled upon an image with a blur-frame. I thought it looked interesting so I decided to postpone my lens-hunt and start fiddling with Gimp instead. The reslut, as you can se, is quite satisfactory.

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New header images

I decided to update the header background images with 13 of my own pictures instead of the ones bundled with the theme.

Hope you enjoy the change.

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