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WPG2 fuck-up

I just upgraded my WordPress along with all my active plugins, and apparently the WPG2 plugin has broken my blog. When trying to read a full blog post, you are instead redirected to my gallery’s front page.

I’ll try to fix the problem asap.



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Some eggdrop tcl scripts

Since I began using the IRC about 3-4 years ago, I’ve come around to write a couple of scripts for my bot. They’re still not really stable nor user friendly, but they do what they’re supposed to. If I’ve got time and motivation, I might continue the development at some point.

One is a simple “battle/vote” script, that takes a set of candidates as argument and “calculates” the winner. The outcome is displayed in percent. You can battle anything: Batman vs Penguin, bananas vs mangos, youtube vs work vs coffee break. But if you throw in Chuck Norris in the fight, he’ll always win.

The other is a reminder script that someone actually might find useful. It can be set to remind anyone of anything at any time (not in the past, though). The time syntax is really liberal, you can tell it to remind you on a specific date and time or in a relative time in the future (like “5 hours”). You can also ask the script to show all active reminders and cancel reminders.

You can find some them on Github.


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Tomcat 5.5 getSession(true) returns null

This week I’ve been fiddling around with my thesis application, trying to get it up and running again after a hibernation period of almost a year. A lot of things had changed since I last used it, both on the department server and in our database, so I was in for some serious glueing, duct taping and debugging. Most of the problems were quite straight forward to fix, such as the database being out of date, some protocols having changed and so on. But there was one thing I just couldn’t understand.

When my web application tried to create an HttpSession object by calling getSession(true) on the HttpServletRequest instance, it returned null! According to the servlet 2.4 specification, the method must return a new session if it doesn’t exist, so this was just insane behaviour. By reflex, I started Googling for some answers, and it actually took me a while to find the solution.

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iTunes everywhere

It was great to get the iTunes share to work from my Linux server, but I got thirsty for more! I wanted to be able to listen to my music collection wherever I was. Especially at work and while writing my thesis in the library. This meant that I had to share my music library as an iTunes share over the Internet – fascinating thought. I found some instructions on how to achieve this, but again they weren’t really crystal clear. So this is how I did it.

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Sharing music from Linux to iTunes

Update 2009-02-07: These are instructions for Sarge. See comments if you’re using Etch or above.

Yesterday while writing my thesis in the library, I was listening to some other person’s music she had shared through iTunes. It’s a nice feature they’ve got there, so it got me tinking “could I make my Linux server at home share my whole music collection like an iTunes share?”.

After some quick Googling I found out that it’s actually possible and the software is already out there. Just to compile and install. However, the instructions I found was either not verbose enough or not applicable on my setup.

On-the-fly-comment: Now I suddenly found out that there’s a project called firefly that replaces the daapd that I’ve been using here. This information makes this post almost completely useless, but I’ll go on anyway, skipping the part about compiling and hacking daapd.

So this was the scenario: I’ve got all my mp3s on my Linux server, which I usually mount to my desktop machine (also Linux). I can’t bother mounting the share on my MacBook (since I’d have to import the whole library into iTunes’ database and I don’t want that), but instead it would be nice to have the library accessible as an iTunes share. This is how I got it working.

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Manegen forum is back up

After a long long long downtime, I’ve finally managed to get my home brewed discussion board up and running again. My friend M shouted at me on the 23rd of August at 11:52 AM that it’s throwing some kind of NullPointerException, but I didn’t have time or motivation to investigate it before today. Actually I’ve been on my way to bed for several hours already, but I just couldn’t let it be.

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autossh + screen = fully automatic relogin

When working inside screen over ssh in the Mac OS X Terminal application, it for some reason always hangs after the computer has slept. There’s seems to be no way to resurrect it, other than closing the Terminal and opening a new one, letting the old ssh connection die in loneliness.

However, this problem is avoided by either not using screen (magically, a “normal” ssh connection doesn’t hang the Terminal), or by using autossh to automatically restart a lost connection. I decided to try out the latter option.

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