Bali – Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot and the Coconut Cocktail.

Tanah Lot and the Coconut Cocktail.

December 24th. Here it’s a normal day as any other. Christmas is celebrated mainly for the tourists and since most tourists celebrate Christmas on the 25th or 26th, this day is just another Thursday. The usual American Christmas songs about winter wonderland and chestnuts over open fire and so on are played in shopping malls and kiosks although it’s over 30 degrees hot. Even our frequently visited MiniMart where we can use the internet for free has got snowflakes and snowmen in the window. Despite these attempts to create a Christmas feeling, the real Christmas spirit is about 9000 km northwest.

To celebrate Dec 24th, we started eating malaria medicine (since we’re going to Gili Trawangan tomorrow), Fredrik bought more contact lenses and Outi a new bikini. And to round off our first five nights on Bali, we decided to take our motorbike up to Tanah Lot, a temple about 40-50 km north of Kuta.

So here we are, drinking a coconut cocktail straight out of the nut, and looking out over the fascinating temple built on top of a black lava rock foundation, surrounded by water. Tourists like us walk through the water to the base of the rock where they wash there faces with water from a holy spring. Afterward, two monks sprinkle water in their foreheads, stick a pinch of rice to the wet spot and put a flower behind their ears. Tanah Lot is an amazing sight, especially from up here on the terrace on the beach, where dozens of small restaurants have their own piece of the steep cliff. It’s a great place to view the sun set behind the temple. Too bad it’s cloudy today…

The partial Tanah Lot sunset.

The partial Tanah Lot sunset.

So Christmas Eve seems to go by quite unnoticed. Malaria medicine, a bit of shopping, more factor 30 sun lotion, a motorbike accident (Fredrik accidentally drove too near a parked motorbike and made a domino effect including the bike and a trashcan), sweaty t-shirts and a coconut drink at Tanah Lot. Well, I guess things could be worse 🙂

(Check back for pics later, not enough time or battery now..)


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