Bali – First impressions

Kuta beach

Kuta beach

Panic! We’re about to miss our flight to Bali at the Changi airport in Singapore. We’re having our first fast food meal during the trip at Burger King under the impression that we have plenty of time until the gate even opens. When strolling back towards the gate, the gate information says CLOSING in big, red letters. As if it weren’t hot enough already, the several hundred meters run to the gate in flip-flops didn’t exactly cool you down. To our dissapointment, we had plenty of time to write on our blog and chill out before the gate actually closed. So much for the Singaporean organized management.

Drinks in the hotel pool bar

Drinks in the hotel pool bar

We’ve now been on Bali for one night. Yesterday we got a glimpse of the nightlife and overdimensioned traffic for the tiny streets and lanes in Kuta. Today we’ve seen the insanely long beach with nice big surfer waves, tried the hotel pool bar, swum in the ocean for the first time (salty!), won a ”star price” in a hotel resort promotion gaining us $300 worth of discount cupons (yay?), been offered surfing lessons about 35 times and massage about 20 times and bought a couple of sarongs.

Bali is extremely humid and hot and the wind blowing in from the west is warm and gentle. You can’t really go anywhere without wetting your shirt. And when coming back into the hotel room, you almost have to change to long pants and a cardigan since the air conditioner makes the room a local north pole.

We haven’t seen anything else than Kuta here on Bali yet, but supposedly Bali has something for everyone. Kuta is the place to be for shopping, surfing and partying. Speaking of which, we should go out for dinner and drinks now.


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  1. Madelyn Cox

    in our place, the weather could turn out to be uncomfortably humid that is why we bought an air conditioner at home to reduce h”.:

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