The Tailor Scam in Bangkok

Let us tell you a story about two naïve first-time tourists in Bangkok during their first day in the city. The day started out really lovely. A nice breakfast at the hotel, hot and humid weather and tons of plans for the two whole days we were given in Bangkok. 500 meters down the road from our guest house, in the vincinity of Siam Square, a really friendly native came to speak with us while we were investigating the map and wondered where to go.

His story was convincing; he was a teacher whose sister worked in a bank in Finland (this is the cue for your first facepalm). He had a lot of suggestions on what to do in Bangkok this particular day, since the city was celebrating the king’s birthday (or something) and all the shops were closed (at least that’s what we were told). He pointed out some sights on our map that were worth visiting along with one store that was open despite the national holiday, and told us to hail one of the seemingly millions of tuk-tuks roaming the streets. He informed us that the tuk-tuks with yellow licence plates were trustworthy since they are subject to government control, and yo and behold, a yellow plate tuk-tuk was convieniently waiting behind our backs (actually there’s nothing really suspicious about this since the tuk-tuks are literally everywhere). We thought ”what the hell”, jumped in and drove away into the hysterical traffic.

The first stop was the Lucky Buddha (facepalm no 2 for those of you who have visited Bangkok). The tuk-tuk driver told us to pay the entrence fee at the booth and take our time in the temple while waiting for us outside. The temple was really nice compared to all of the zero temples we had seen so far. In one of the buildings we even got a blessing from a monk and some holy water in a bottle. When returning to the tuk-tuk, the driver dissappeared to the mens’ room for a couple of minutes and meanwhile a friendly ”lawyer” approached us and started to chit chat. We led a normal tourist-to-native discussion about where we were from and what we were planning to do in Bangkok. We told him about the places the ”teacher” had recommended and also mentioned the one open store marked on our map. The lawyer concurred that the shop was really good and told us about a once in a lifetime opportunity to order good and cheap suits if we were to visit the shop today (cue next facepalm).

We totally bought the story since he was just another native willing to give foreigners an inside hint about great deals in the city, and headed towards the tailor shop in our private tuk-tuk. Once there, we hadn’t even time to count to three before we had ordered two male suits, one female suit, three shirts and two ties. And for a really really good price, or that’s what we thought at the moment. Some signatures and credit card payments later, we happily walked out the door thinking that we had made the deal of our lifetime. After all, tailored suits are exactly what you’re supposed to spend money on while in Thailand, right?

The tuk-tuk driver, surprisingly still waiting outside the tailor’s shop, asked us what we wanted to do next. We told him that the river would be nice to see, and he of course knew just the spot where to take us. ”Thai pier, two hundred bahts cheaper than tourist pier” he told us, and we swallowed the bait. The river boat was waiting at the end of a narrow alley so crowded with cows and monks that the tuk-tuk only just came through. No tourist would ever had found this pier, but hey, it was the ”thai pier”. Still overwhelmed and dizzy by the pace of this morning’s events, we believed that this was a good deal and payed for the tickets. It seemed a little odd at the time that we were the only two customers in a boat made for around 16, but then again, it was the ”thai pier” (no, it didn’t cross our minds that natives most likely don’t take tour like this on the river). The boat driver took us upstream to look at temples from behind, old houses, new houses, a miniature (corrupt) floating market, a crocodile zoo and the Bangkok skyline, while shouting ”foto foto” at everything he though was worth spendning megabytes on.

After the boat ride, when looking for the skytrain station to take us back to where we started that morning, we were approached by another friendly native asking us what we we’re looking for. We answered and he started to talk to us about things to see and do in Bangkok and hailed a tuk-tuk for us to take us to an area for ”young people like you” where there supposedly were a lot of good places to eat. When the tuk-tuk driver stopped at a tailor’s shop and the salesmen almost dragged us in to the store, we started to suspect that there was something fishy going on with the tuk-tuk drivers and the ”friendly natives”. There also weren’t any places to eat in sight.

Back at the hotel, we googled around for the tailor’s shop we visited and found nothing but a site about Bangkok scams. One sad story after another revealed that the teacher, the lawyer, the tuk-tuk driver, the floating market, the zoo, the Lucky Buddha, the boat driver and the tailor’s shop were probably all part of a team tricking naïve foreigners like us into buying expensive goods and services to get a share of the European gold.

The buyer’s remorse was overwhelming! How could we be so stupid? Why didn’t we see through this obvious scam? Why didn’t we even stop to think for a while? We knew there would be scam attempts, but nothing as elaborate as this. The shame was undescribable and the whole vacation seemed ruined. We hated Bangkok and would definitely never come back to this corrupt city again, whatsoever! The only comfort were the testimonials on the scam website, stating that the scam is true but that the products actually were really good. Now overly suspicious, we assumed that the happy stories were written by the scammers themselves. Anyways, we had agreed on a first fitting of the clothes the next morning, so after a nearly sleepless night and a lot of mental preparation to confront the con artists and demand our money back, we headed for the scene of the crime once again.

Open minded but reserved, we inspected the clothes and found that they actually were surprisingly nice and well done. The fabric felt good (cashmere wool, according to them), the male pants fitted perfectly and the clothes had details that made a professional impression. We did, though, have a number of complaints about sleeve and leg lengths, baggy pants, too wide shirts and so forth, but the salesman/tailor was really forthcoming and promised to fix these things to satisfy us. We promised to return the same evening for a second fitting and headed out into the city for some real sightseeing. When we returned, almost every complaint had been dealt with, although some of the pieces still weren’t in perfect shape. We complained again and the tailor threw in another tie free of charge and promised to fix the mistakes and deliver the corrected pieces to our hotel later the same night. Back at the hotel, we stumbled upon another travelling couple with almost identical suit bags as ours. The mutual sympathy was communicated through a shameful smile by both parties… When the last pieces were delivered we inspected them one last time in the hotel room, and we must say that we actually were quite satisfied with the clothes. So at this point, we didn’t feel all that bad about spending a lot of money on products we didn’t know anything about. We did, however, feel really bad about letting ourselves be dragged in to this whole circus.

Considering the small back streets and alleys the tuk-tuk driver took us to, this episode could after all have turned out much worse than it did. Yes, we probably did pay way too much for the suits and yes, we did get ripped off by the river tour and the temple. But on the other hand, we didn’t lose our passports or travel documents (or lives for that matter), we did get something in return for our money and we can’t get tailored suits this cheap home in Finland. And after all, it’s only money.

The more permanent effect of this scam is the lesson we learned about trusting people: just don’t.



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  2. Andy


    The tuk-tuk drivers gat commission for taking you to the clothes stores. It’s not really a scam. As you say, the clothes weren’t too bad either. It’s just business..

    • Maxime

      Trust me it’s a real scam. I paid 18000 for a cashmere suit. When I received it in Canada (after plenty adjustements in Bangkok…because they were not doing the job). I finally receive a synthetic suit with no cashmere with wrong mesures. 100% SCAM!

    • Steve

      Chap, this is one of the most common scams in Bangkok. Sorry man but you do not know of what you speak.

      Rule #1 – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy anything AT ALL at any place a Tuk Tuk takes you. NONE of the good Tailors use Tuk Tuks.

      Rule #2 – NEVER NEVER NEVER trust ANY THAI (including police) who Approach or talk to you on the street – EVER!

  3. ivanho

    Tuk Tuk will always try to make money by letting clients visit shops and get some comission from it.
    Its best to get a taxi meter if you have a destination in mind.
    A good tailor in Bangkok is Excelsior that dont pay Tuk Tuk and so give good quality and for jewellery go to MBK 1st floor where you have lots of shops selling and can negotiate the price.

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  5. dredran

    If you are looking for the perfect suit, service and quality,Tailor Pro is by far the best one you can find in Bangkok. I have visited Sam while ignoring the rather brassy invitations from the other shops on the way and the result is totally worth it.
    Yes they might be a bit more expensive than the other shops around but be totally confident that, even after just starting to chat with Sam, you will not reconsider if you have made a wise choice or not.
    If you want to have the perfect suit made out of either italian or english fabric in Bangkok, just visit Tailor Pro, you will not regret it. Make sure you see the business card collection in the dressing room. It will speak for it self

  6. I have a similar story about a scam tailor shop at 11 Sukhimvit Soi 8, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110.

  7. I am using the service of Toms Fashion last 10 years to make suits and dress shirts for me and myself and have been totally happy with the them services.Maybe you could check them up and contact them at

  8. You must have had a tough time with these troubles that you went through. I have been staying in Bangkok for some time now and true to what you say, there a several people on the streets trying to lure you into their shops. I have personally tried a few tailors over the past few months for the want of new clothes and the one tailor who stood out for me was Tailor Pro. There were other high end tailors that I have read and heard a lot about, but Tailor Pro with their neat work and courteous service seemed much better than the rest.

  9. Antti T.

    I wish I had read this earlier before falling in to the same scam. We also ended up ordering after travelling from one place to another one suit for me and two dresses for my girlfriend. The place was called Pearl Fashion Limited Partnership. I suppose we are still getting the suits (fingers crossed) but the deal wasn’t that good after all 🙂

    • Este

      Dear Antti T., may I asked you if you got the suits?

      • Antti T.

        Yes, we finally got them to Malaysia where we were living at that time. The suits were in good shape and well made atleast to our standards 🙂

        It took around two weeks when we got the suits with our Malaysian address. At some point we called them and everything seemed to be in order.

        Our thoughts are that even though the company is a part of the scam they made and delivered the suits as ordered 🙂

    • Jan

      Dear Antti
      I did the same at visiting Bangkok…still waiting of our suits to Europe.

      Do you have actual telephone numbe ror correct email address from Pearl Fashion Limited Partneship 25/11 Phisanulok Road, Dusit, Bangkok

      Thank you very much
      Kind regards

  10. Xiao

    Same same here. (Main point: NOT CASHMERE, polyester)

    In front of the royal palace, there was a ‘tour bus driver’ who talked and hailed me a tuk tuk for 60baht to goto two temples and ‘The Thai Factory’ tailor shop.

    Second temple, I was walking around and directed upstairs to the main temple. Greeted by a ‘business man, a banker’ preyed at the ‘lucky Buddha’ and chatted about how it’s the last day of a seven day ‘open to the public’ thing. ‘Go now, quick, before they close’.

    Went over, seemed a bit weird that the tuk tuk driver waited for over half an hour for me to pick and pay for my 14,000baht ‘cashmere’ (more on that later) suit set.

    Knowing the real price for cashmere, even poor quality, I should have ran out of there, but I didn’t, to giddy over how good a deal this was.

    After the tuk tuk dropped me off at the sky train station, it kicked in a little. I checked the web for a ‘Thai factory’… Oh boy.

    It was only 15 minutes since I left the shop, so I called up and said I wanted to cancel the order, but they replied that all the material has been cut. Thinking it was cashmere, made me feel a little better, so I didn’t chase this down.

    The suit arrived two days later. I called them, they said it was delivered, I checked with reception and they said nothing was dropped off. I called back and they said they got the address wrong, so they would resend it tomorrow. After some explaining that my flight was tonight, they agreed to send it ‘again’ that afternoon.

    At first inspection, the suit was a good fit and it felt good. However on closer inspection once I got home overseas, the suit jacket and shirt where to long. Called up and they said they would fix it when I return to Bangkok in a month.

    Now that time has come, total lost of trust for them, I took the suit to a friend who works in the textile industry, I told him the story and he asked if he could cut a piece off from the inside. Weird, but I agreed. He took out a lighter from his pocket and set the fabric on fire. It burnt and sort of melted.

    Polyester, he said. He went on to explain that cashmere does not stay on fire, nor does it melt when it burns.

    I’ll visit back here in a few days. Hope I can deal with this and get some of the money back. I wouldn’t be upset if this was as they claimed, cashmere, even the lowest grade, but it is obviously is not…

    If anyone has resolved this conflict, please post here and let us know how or how not to go about this.

    • xiaorrulez

      Oh just an update. Didn’t get a cent back lol.

      Do yourself a favour guys. When you buy any big ticket item overseas, use a a low rate credit card like the 28degrees MasterCard. Buyer protection!

  11. Ole Bull

    The same thing happened to me! Whatever you do, do not buy anything from “Dusit Collection!!!”

  12. hubert

    Dusit Collection – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING

  13. Laura Wood

    I’m ashamed to admit that we fell for exactly the same thing! Any little niggles in my mind as my partner was measured up for a suit seemed irrelevant until later….

    – The tout who sold us a cheap tour by tuk tuk told us the market we wanted to visit was closed. He worked for the Ministry of Defence, but liked to chat to tourists on his days off….
    – We were very lucky because the Thai Factory was only open to tourists for a week, and this was the last day it would be open and having a sale….
    – The tuk tuk driver needed to stop and “feed gasoline” to the tuk tuk, so kindly let us wander around a gem store. He also spent 10 minutes going to the loo, during which time we chatted to a friendly lawyer who happened to be near our tuk tuk….
    – This lawyer had studied and worked in New York for 30ish years, but had no hint of a US accent. He also had friends from Yorkshire…
    – The suit salesman said he had met David Beckham and had sold him exactly the same suit….

    However, all that said, we are very happy with the suit we got at the end of it. It certainly is polyester not cashmere, but it fits very well. So our only complaint really is that they tricked us into going there in the first place. That leaves a bit of a bitter taste!

  14. I was mislead by Dusit Collection, which uses tourist scam to sell their lower quality and overpriced merchandise. They use multiple people including a tuk tuk driver to convince you to enter this shop as follow: first, that Grand Palace will be close until 1pm and meanwhile, we can visit a governmental suit shop that only sells to Thai people however, due a national holiday, the King allowed tourists to order suits from legitimate Giorgio Armani factory, which will release a lifetime membership, that can be used to order suits from USA in the future, claiming it’s the only day opened to tourists.
    The shop was relatively small and presented several Giorgio Armani catalogs, also confirming the story heard before and assuring this is a governmental tailor shop. They charged me the amount of 17100 Bhats for a suit and 2 shirts and charged my friend 20000 Bhats for 2 suits, promising to have everything ready on Sunday morning. I made my payment using Visa credit card and my friend, unfortunately, paid cash.
    My skepticism rose after analyzing the receipt and business card, that didn’t have a webpage available to order the future orders and the fact of just immigrants would work in a governmental store, which made the whole story sound suspicious. After waist my tourist time and spending a great amount of money, we discovered this is a traditional scheme to scam tourists in Bangkok. After several Google searches, we confirmed it to be a scam, that this shop didn’t belong to the government and their argument was fictitious.
    Before returning to the shop, I made 3 estimates from other similar shops to find out a suit costs an average of 3000 Bhats.
    Returning to the shop, I started to ask several questions and asked to talk to the manager, which completed changed the attitude of the seller, which was very arrogant and would not respond my questions properly. After confronted, the shop employees were extremely furious and claimed this lie was a simple “business trick”, which I could no longer cancel or receive a partial refund. My suit was not ready yet and was my last day in Thailand.
    The quality of the pants and shirts was not good and all of them are similar, which means that doesn’t matter which model the client chooses in the catalog, their final product will not mirror the customers’ choice. My friends’ suit looked a very cheap peace of fabric, not the promised cashmere and in fact, it was not cashmere since it had a rough texture. Outside of the shop, meanwhile I was waiting for a taxi cab to go to the police station, several tuk tuks with more victims were entering the store, in which I warned 2 ladies that Grand Palace was not closed and the shop didn’t belong to the government, confirming the same story is told every day.
    The police could not help us whatsoever, the shop owner offered a 5% discount or, according to him, if we were not happy, just could take him to court. I made a police report, which is written in Thai and returned to USA.
    After arrive home, I found out the shop delivered my merchandise in the hotel in which my friend is staying, since he will attend a conference and will stay an extra week. The hotel called the shop to I inform that I left before they left the merchandise and they could come back to pick up, but they hung up the phone.
    Below I have web links of people that were also victims of those professional con artists:
    The name of the shop is Dusit Collection 463/68-69 Lookluang Rd, Seeyek Mahanak, Dusit, Bangkok 10300
    Tel: 02-2825329

    • Jon C

      Scammed by the same con artists at Dusit Collection! How frustrating in retrospect… can’t believe I didn’t pick up on all of the exact same, obvious warning signs.

    • Diane

      “I made my payment using Visa credit card and my friend, unfortunately, paid cash”
      Does this mean that paying with a credit card gave you a possibilty to get your money back?
      We made the same mistake 2 weeks ago and we still didn’t get our clothes…

      • xiaorrulez

        Visa and MasterCard have fraud protection. Ring your bank and ask them to send you the forms ASAP!

      • xiaorrulez

        Yes, Visa and MasterCard has fraud protection and there still might be hope! Call your bank and ask for the correct forms!

  15. green arrow

    Green Arrow,
    This happened on December 19, 2014, my first time in Bangkok, Thailand.
    I made every effort to get proper sizes for female shirts and was measured up for my shirts. Out of six shirts, only two male shirts fit well , one is too tight in the chest and the female shirts did not fit at all.
    I emailed Mr. Vichai Dusit, and told him about the situation. Have not received a reply, of course, so the man has no comment about the failure to produce what he assured to be a perfect fit. I paid $54 per shirt, which is more than what I pay at home, so I expected a perfect fit, nothing less. I paid for a product to be produce as promised but the Dusit people are ignorant about proper business, and the claims they make. Making a claim of “Satisfaction presumed upon payment not refundable” ( which was not pointed out to me) , is an abuse and outright nonsense. How could I be satisfied, when the shirts have not even been made at the point of payment. This is obviously an intent to prevent buyer from requesting any kind of adjustments necessary.
    This man is a skilled high pressure sales artist, your only defence is to cover your ears and walk out.
    If a Tuk Tuk is driving you around, avoid a place along Lookuang rd., Seekyek Mahanak, Dusit, Bangkok.
    I believe tourist should boycott, around the world to draw attention to the scamming. Scamming is steeling from an individual by any means, and tourist are the most vulnerable. Shame on these countries that allow these scammers opportunities.

    Travellers are a great asset to a country’s economy, I think they deserve more respect for their contribution.

    • tom

      If you paid with MasterCard, give MasterCard a call. I opened a fraud investigation with them for my case after telling them all about events. Ongoing …

  16. Kyle

    I wish i’d checked this page before handing over 11500 BHT for a suit and postage. I assume it’ll be a load of polyester rubbish also. Exactly the same M.O. as the scam described above. Scum.

  17. Vincent

    Same for me… Visit to the Grand Palace… A random chat with a Thai guy pretending to be working for the Office of Tourism. Spoke very well English, after chatting a while, organised Tuk tuk ride to different tourist location, temple only open today, Suits factory last open day today etc…
    Arriving at the Buddha temple, randomly meet this nice Thai Business man. Ending up chatting about Suits and soon on my way to Suits factory…
    Dusit Collection… 34,000 bahts later, 2 X 3 pieces suits and 3 shirts…
    I can’t believe I got sucked in…
    Couldn’t pay cash so paid by Visa Credit card.
    When I read this the next day and realised it was a scam I went to the Police.
    I explained my concern about the fact that I probably will never receive the Suits as I was flying tonight.
    Anyway they call the shop and couldn’t get a refund as the fabric was already cut.. same story.
    Negotiated to have second fit in the afternoon
    They did send someone to my hotel the same afternoon with the suits partially mede up and the shirt. After trying on, some small alterations were required but the material didn’t seems to be Cashmere at all.
    Anyway they assured me it was and that the suits would be altered and sent to me in Australia…
    2 Weeks later still waiting. I have written to them to see what is happening with the delivery.
    Anyway Like many of you on a personal not I fell really stupid to have been sucked in to this. Yes it is a scam but at the end of the day we bought the dam suits.
    Now if I don’t get them at all or if they are not in Cashmere as guarantee, I will try to get my money back !
    Good luck to me I guess.


      Well I did received the suits and shirts after all… Shirts were ok actually.
      Suits not bad but both trousers will have to be altered, too tight and both suits are not cashmere ! One of them is 100s or 120s wool and the other one is “pure” synthetic. I have lodge a Customer Transaction Dispute with my bank since DusitTaylor have not replied to my complain.

    • tom

      Visa may have customer protection as well. I opened a fraud investigation with mastercard.

  18. Christopher Reed

    This exact thing happened to me and my wife on our honeymoon last week. We are picking up our suit tomorrow and put it this way if it isn’t perfect I’m gonna flip!!

    After it happened to us, we went to get a taxi from our hotel reception the next day and there was a couple with exactly the same envelope and receipt. We shared a taxi and also shared stories. They were word perfect!!

    I ripped the guy a new arsehole verbally and he didn’t say a word. For me it was all about honesty.

    Wish us luck tomorrow, or maybe wish him luck!!

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  20. Petr

    Please, do you know the adress “Pearl fashion limited partnership” in Bangkok?

    • Antti T.

      The address is 25/11 Phisanulok Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300.

    • Rick

      And exactly the same Story happened to us…..with the same lawyer! Never go to dusticollection…..Never!!!!!!!!! They always gonna scam you!!!!!!! Be carefull!!!!!

      • Rick

        Btw….we also payed in Cash…25000 baht. We were very naive! Think about a letter to the Thai-embassy for a Tourist cauttion!

  21. Did it succes for anyone to get their money back by visa?

  22. Jeff

    Mine is a scam in quality.

    Sharing with you…
    5 keys Reasons not to Tailor at BN Tailor at MBK

    1. Poor workmanship: the overall blazer I made is shorter than the standard and the back of the blazer is shorter than front.
    2. Poor design: They ask me not to worry and let them design a set of stylish shirt for me. But the outcome of the shirts was not stylish at all and plain looking instead.
    3. Poor measurement: after measuring me twice, the original shirts and blazer come out big and my pants too tight. The best part is they guarantee their tailor items will be professionally done and I don’t have to come for fitting. However, I insisted to come for fitting, but it still turned out bad.
    4. Poor integrity: They are a group of smooth talkers and very good salesmen but cannot deliver. They were extremely late in sending my suit and shirts to the hotel. They delivered it wet because they sent it by a motorcyclist through the rain. It was a turn off!!!
    5. Poor consideration for customers: They demand full payment before the suit and shirts are done. They gave wrong contact number. After you pay them in full, their service become slower and sluggish. They cannot be trusted at all. My bad for not doing proper research before engaging their service.

  23. Kriz BE

    Thanks for sharing these stories. We had already our sizes taken and were about to pay for the order of 2 dresses, 1 suit and 3 shirts (including 3 ‘free’ ties) for 15500 baht. I decided to look up this store, called BB fashion, and came on this story which was so close to what happened to us. We asked them for some time to think about it and just left.
    Lesson learnt and luckily it only cost us 150 baht for the tuktuk.
    Thank you for sharing!

  24. Charlene

    We too are first time travellers to Bankok and the first part of your story is identical to our story. The friendly local on the street writing the name of a shop on our map, the next friendly local tells us that we are so lucky because this is the last day that you can buy designer suits at this shop at a discount. In fact, he just came from there himself where he bought 2 suits and 3 dresses for his wife. We bought the entire story along with 2 suits, 3 shirts and 2 dresses thinking we were getting an amazing deal. All have been shipped to canada. We are now in Vietnam finishing up our trip. The clothes have already arrived home, sent by our efficient shop. We only hope they look as good when we get home because in Vietnam a pure cashmere suit will run you less than $200 U.S. Sadly, we paid much more than that. We too feel embarrassed at being so naive.

  25. Lyndon

    They’re doing the same gig, 2016.
    I left Wat Pho and was intending to meander to Grand Palace. Friendly, older, tuktuk driver with good English intercepted me at the corner, explained GP was closed from 2 til 4 due to a monk ritual (which of course it wasn’t) and for 40 baht (a superdeal), a tuktuk will help you fill in the 2 hours visiting 3 temples (circled on a tourist map which he produced). Ok I said, the yellow plated tuktuk duly turned up (“we only use yellow plated”), a young driver, then onto the first call, 10 minute drive away – the Lucky Buddha. When I was exiting the tuktuk, driver says after this we visit a Thai factory. Charming enough temple it was. While viewing a Buddha a friendly man with good English introduced himself as a banker that gets sent by thre bank around the world, explained he lives across the street, comes here to pray etc etc. Idle chit chat. As I didn’t want to visit a factory I asked this guy for his opinion of what was going on. For the next 5 minutes he basically advertised the suits, the cashmere, everything, he even had bought one yesterday! I reposed to the marble steps, checked internet for ‘Thai factory scams’, read all about it. I never saw ‘international banker’ again. I explained to tuktuk I did not want to visit factory, only temples. He became upset and replied we only go for 10 minutes, that’s all etc. I handed him 40 baht, said see ya later, turned heel and kept walking. I felt a little sorry for the kid because he was only acting out his part in a bigger ongoing circus, but I wanted out of that fit right away!

    Got another tuktuk to take me back to Grand Palace where of course it was thronging with tourgroups and visitors. Yet another tuktuk driver approached me, he says too many Chinese there, I take you to other places. To his stunned amazement I told him I liked Chinese, and made for the crowds!

  26. jakabos

    Same storry 25/05/2016. Bangkok
    Walking to grand palace with my wife,on the way we were approached by a thai man,dressed nicely,he started to talk to us like he likes tuorist to come to visit thailand,bla bla bla… grand palace is closed till 13:30(it was 11:10) because of the monks praying,and its a national tuorist day,and there is a thai factory with very good products and just today.we dont pay tax on it because this is how the king wants to give something back to the tuorist. He told about yellow plated tuk tuks,and its just around the corner,he said he will take us to few places for 40bath and.will bring back us 13:30when grand reopened,first stop: big butha,10-15minutes stay,he gos eat something. Ok… we went inside the temple and a nicely dressed thai “businness” man comes in,and straight away telling the same story what we heard from the first guy,suit,no tax,national day bla bla bla,we went back to tuk tuk,next station lucky butha,than next stop “thai factory” which is a small tailor,tuk tuk driver told us to look around for 10-15minutes so he gets peteol voucher,we went inside and after 2minutes we were told by the shopassistant to get out from the shop,in this 2minutes,we looked at one men’s suit catalogue,and answered 2queation,where are you from? Are you wearing suit at home?i repleid no and he throw us out:D:D tuk tuk driver wasnt so happy that we were out after 2minutes,after that he said he takes us to one more shop,but we look around for 10-15minutes,(now he stopped in a small hidden street,and i felt like he has friends around) we said we dont want to go to anymore shops,and we just pay and go,he said its 1000bach,so instead paying and being in this strangelly hiden street,we told hin lets go to this last shop,but we agreed with my wife we are not going to take thia bullsht anymore.we went inside,we were sited down straightawqy,and after 20seconds my wife acted like she has to vomit,so she run out from the shop and i followed her:D:D:D tukvtuk driver wasnt happy,he told us,i said 10-15minutes,we told him to bring us bacj to the starting point,we gave him40bacht as agreed,we walked to the grand palace,it was 12:17 and ofcourse it was open…
    So there was one guy chatting to us on the way to grand palace(about 500meters away from it,at the big roundabout) one more guy at the big butha, and the tuk tuk driver,and im sure there would be more clowns if we would have finished our tour as there were two more places to visit:D we just relised this show around midway in the tuor,we are here in thailand in the last 10days and we already had enough from this tailors and other annoying things,and luckily i didnt want to buy suit anyway. There should be an information about this scams in everyhotel to inform the tuorist,but unfortunately the costuner service very poor,and i dont understand why they call thailand the land of smiles, 25-30million tuorist visiting each year,most of the thai people doesnt speak english,even in a 4star hotel,they cant answer basic questions,costumer service,higyiene and safety(safety when going for tuors like elephant trekking,speed boat 4island tuor could tell a new story about that too) zero,and its not only in bangkok,all over thailanf,phuket,,kata beach,kho sa mui,phi phi,patong,everywhere… this place would be a much better place.with more effort put in the tuorist industry
    We are not returning here,100%

  27. Eric

    Same happened to me, in December 2016. Don’t buy from Ram Fashion- it’s “Scam fashion”.

  28. Noname

    Same to me on 23.11.2017…

  29. Rohit

    I had some wat similar story…they were drugging me in hotel everyday with sedatives laced mineral water bottles..there intentions didn’t materialise coz I was alert with my baggage..they wanted to put something in it than calling police and than money negotiations urine test was going to come positive with there mineral water laced drinks… anyhow..I was lucky ..I came back home safe but took lot of efforts n sleepless blog will come soon.

  30. Gauthier

    Would you remember the address of
    The factory please ?
    Thank you

  31. Mandy

    In Bangkok on holiday at this very moment & my husband & I have been caught in this cunning web yesterday,. Unfortunately, we caught on to the scam after spending £668 on a
    ( supposabilly) “cashmere” suit, one pair of cashmere trousers, 4 shirts, one tie & they kindly through in two pashminas & a silky dressing gown. It was all amazingly done by 3 con artists in the city giving us what we thought friendly advice & guidance. We soon became suspicious & one Tuk Tuk driver dropped himself in it, when he told us he gets petrol payments if he drops us off to this particular tailor shop for buying, but as we only wanted to have the fitting done, he wasn’t interested. 🤔. We are now awaiting for the goods to be delivered to our hotel. It has ruined my holiday & I feel rather sick about being so gullible. But as you have said above. It could of been so much worse. 😏

  32. Missy

    Oh man, we just fell for this.

    By the time we got to the hotel to google it, the transaction was already pending. I’m sure they push the 1 hr boat tour to allow time for the transaction to post. We called the bank within a few hours of the payment and it was already too late to reverse or stop payment.

    We will see how this plays out… we go south for 3 weeks then come back for our fittings.

    I’ll post again then.

    Like you all, we feel absolutely sick. They even held and played with our 1 year old son.

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