The Perströms in SE Asia – The Plan


We’re Outi and Fredrik and this is our (more or less trilingual) matkablogi. A bit over two weeks ago we decided to book a trip together to some really far away part of the word. The only critera was that the temperature would be higher than -15 degrees Celcius, which was the temperature in Helsinki at time of departure.

After quite a bit of browsing flight comparison sites, we ended up buying flights to Singapore and back, even though Singapore by no means would be our final destination. We figured we could use some Asian cheap-ass airline to go futher into the jungle from there. The travel agency offered us a three nights stay in Bangkok on our way to Singapore and that sounded really good to us. The flight back from Singapore would go via Beijing, but we wouldn’t have time to see anything else than the airport. Nevertheless, our country count was already up in three (if China counts).

After even more browsing of airline websites, Bali popped up as an excellent candidate for executing the relaxation part of the trip, so we bought flights to Denpasar and back from Singapore. Now Indonesia was also on the list. Ja näillä mentiin. We now have 3.5 weeks in South East Asia in front of us.


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  1. Dusty Dagostino

    Been to Bangkok a couple of times now, first time was in May 2003, then back at Songkran 2006. What a fantastic holiday spot! It provides for everyone: if your searching for cozy locals there is plenty of them, if you want healthy thai food there is a great deal and night life is amazing. If you want a low-priced holiday, you can have it – if you need a pricey vacation, you can have it as well. My friend is really in love with the place and has just bought into a resort over there. My children love it too. What a wonderful place to celebrate Songkran!

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