Move or Copy? Um.. Yes?

There are a lot of these out there on the Interwebs, but this is one of the few I’ve run into (since I don’t normally use Windows) and the only one I’ve captured.

There are two serious wtfs here.

  1. The application wasn’t Internet Explorer, although it says so in the dialog title. It was Windows’ (supposedly built-in) zip application. The scenario: I opened up a zip file and dragged one of the compressed files to the desktop.
  2. The question. Move or copy…? Ok, I want to copy, since I want the file to remain in the zip file. So then I’ll answer… Yes..? No?

Of course, this is a matter of interpretation, but still. Dialogs mustn’t be ambiguous like this.



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One response to “Move or Copy? Um.. Yes?

  1. I’ve had that message when copying files out of a virtual PC instance.

    There are some other mad ones that I’ve come across, like the “Windows – No Disk” error that doesn’t actually say which disk.

    If you’re having an extra lucky day and MSIE dies, you might encounter this cryptic error description after reporting the error:

    Problem caused by Windows

    This problem was caused by Windows, which was created by Microsoft Corporation. Currently, there is no solution for the problem that you reported.

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