Connect Leopard to the Internet using a Nokia phone

Despite numerous howtos and instructions on connecting a Mac to the Internet through a Nokia phone, none of them has corresponded 100% to my reality and thus I’ve always failed. However, through a bit of trial and error, I managed to find out how to connect my MacBook running Leopard to the Internet using my Nokia E66.

First, open up the System Preferences > Network and ensure yourself that a Bluetooth interface exists. If not, click the plus sign in the bottom left corner and add an interface of type “Bluetooth” with name “Bluetooth”, for example.

Next, click Apply, go back to System Preferences and choose Bluetooth (or click on the Set Up Bluetooth Device… button in the Network preferences). If you have already paired your phone and your computer, select the phone in the list to the left, click the cogwheel at the bottom and choose Configure this device. This will skip some of the steps below. If you haven’t paired the devices, read on.

Click the plus sign in the bottom left corner to start the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. Click Continue and select Mobile phone on the next screen.

Click Continue and select your mobile phone from the list (make sure the phone’s Bluetooth is switched on).

Click Continue. And Continue again. Now you will be asked to enter a pairing keycode into your phone. Do it and press Ok on the phone. The Setup assistant will continue automatically.

When prompted for which services you want to use with your mobile phone, select at least Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection.

Click Continue and select phone vendor and model on the next screen. The vendor should be Nokia and the model GPRS (GSM/3G).

Ignore the other fields and click Continue. The Setup Assistant finishes and informs you that your computer and mobile phone are set up to (at least) access the Internet.

Quit the Assistant and return to the Bluetooth Preferences. Your phone should now be in the list of devices to the left and Dial-Up Networking sould be one of its services.

Now, go back to the Network Preferences and select the Bluetooth interface we created in the beginning. We now need to enter a “telephone number” to be able to connect, which we get from our phone.

Pick up your phone and navigate to Tools > Settings > Connectivity > Access points and select the access point you normally use to connect to the Internet with your phone (in my case Saunalahti Internet). Now memorize the access point’s name (in my case internet.saunalahti). Next, go to Settings > Connectivity > Packet data (still on your phone). Here, enter the access point’s name memorized above into the Access Point field. Now we’re done with the phone.

Back on your Mac, enter the access point’s name into the Telephone number field in the Bluetooth interface settings.

Click Apply and you’re good to go. If everything went right, you should be able to connect to the Internet by clicking the Connect button. If you tick the Show modem status in the menu bar checkbox, you can easily connect and disconnect by clicking on the phone icon in the menu bar.


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  1. Mat


    Thanks very much. Thats amazing. the access point in the phone number was the key. Ya a star.


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