Idiotic sleep timer in Mac OS X

Goddamn Apple! You have to do better than this! A week’s worth of work down the drain just because you can’t handle sleep mode properly.

I was just playing some music with iTunes on my MacBook, leaving it on the table using battery power. Suddenly it goes quiet and I thought “ok, battery’s drained, it’s hibernating”. Imagine my surprise when I plugged in the power chord and pressed the power button. It didn’t recover from the hibernation – it booted! Everything I was working on was gone.

“So why didn’t you save”, you now ask me. True, but who would ever had thought that Apple’s Mac OS X – the operating system you never need to boot – would actually die if I’m playing music when the battery drains. That’s just plain stupid!

Apparently I should have RTFM. I have been warned. Apple clearly states that

Software that accesses the hard drive will delay sleep mode until it is either quit or done accessing the drive, for example:

  • Songs playing in iTunes.
  • A movie disc playing in DVD Player.

What’s up with that!? If I’m on a train watching a move and my battery drains, do I want the computer to just drop dead, or do I want it to do something clever, like warn me or hibernate? Look it up in the dictionary, Apple.

Oh, but it get’s even better. Apple lists about a dozen different scenarios when the computer just won’t go to sleep – whatsoever. This is so wrong! I mean, it’s fine that some applications and I/O processes delay or prevent power saving features – as long as the battery is not on critical level. But when the computer is about to die on me, the OS should definitely do something smart.

Apparently others have had the same problem, and even without anything special running on the machine.

Apple, get your shit together!


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