New Year's in Milan

8 hours ago, I was almost 500 km north of Helsinki, in Jakobstad spending Christmas with my parents. In about 12 hours I’ll be about 80 km east of Helsinki, in Pernå celebrating my girlfriend’s mom’s 50th birthday. In about 32 hours I’m on a plane to Milan with her, about to spend New Year’s Eve in Bologna with my sisters. In about 2 weeks we’re on a plane to Gran Canaria for the IUI 2008 conference. I’m about to live in a suitcase for almost a month.

Christmas was more boring than usual this year. With some bickering within the family, the whole holiday was about to become a real disaster. Luckily, major chaos was avoided and we had a quite nice Christmas Eve after all. Good food, lots of presents and the usual stuff.

Now, back home, I’ve got a bit of time to re-pack my suitcase and sleep before heading off to Pernå for some champagne and birthday cake. Looking forward to seeing J again. After a night at their house we’re off to the airport for a week in Milan. My little sister is over there (actually in Como) as an exchange student for about half a year. My older sister, on the other hand, has some old friends in Italy who are going to celebrate New Year’s in Bologna, so we thought that we’d crash their party. The whole trip has some real potential, since we’re renting a car to be able to see a bit of the countryside as well, and perhaps drive over to Switzerland, visit Venice and so on. Come back later for a report on the trip.

Returning from Italy, I’ve got one week to prepare for the IUI2008 conference in Gran Canaria. The conference itself is only four days long, but since the cheapest flights there are one week vacation trips with chartered flights, I made a deal with the university that I can be on the Canary Islands for a week. I also managed to get J along, although paying for her own flights and her share of the bungalow. I can’t call it holiday, but… 😉

Summing that up, I’ll be living in a suitcase for 22 days within December and January. I’ll appreciate my flat when I get back, that for sure.


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  1. Hi Frederik where abouts are you stuck?

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