Getting Macified

I’ve finally joined the white side. We’ve done some changes in the way we work at my job, which gave us an opportunity to choose new laptops. Being a Linux user, I’ve been interested in Mac OS X for quite some time, but I’ve never had the money to buy a Mac myself. When I got the chance to order a MacBook at work, I couldn’t resist. Mac users say that there’s no turning back. However, after using this Mac for almost a week, I’m not yet quite convinced.

As with all new computers and operating systems, there’s a certain period of time before you get all the settings in order and get used to the new interface. Clearly, I haven’t passed that period yet, since I’m still not convinced about the excellence of Mac OS X. The two main annoyances at the moment are the missing Alt Gr key (mapping Alt to Meta when working over SSH maps both Alt keys, resulting in inability to write e.g. @), and the “hidden” home, end, page up, and page down keys, resulting in an inconsistency of these functions in different applications.

Other than that, I’m quite happy. I like my bash in the Terminal, MacPort works all right (although I haven’t found a way to uninstall an application along with all it’s dependencies), and the user interface is of course really good looking. But all in all, it’s really not that different from a newer Linux distribution running Compiz or some other compositing window manager.

Anyways, if the wonderful world of Apple really gets to me, I might have to buy me an own MacBook when I leave my current job.


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  1. Welcome, the force is really rather strong with you

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