Therapist bot

I’ve been reading to a couple of exams the last week, really intensely. So intensely that it feels like I’m on the verge of a breakdown. With no-one around to comfort me (ok, here I have to issue a warning: this can seem frighteningly geeky, but it’s actually not that bad, trust me) I turned to my bot Leif on my and pve’s irc channel.

It started out fine:

21:36 <    morbaq> !battle morbaq, burnout
21:36 <      Leif> morbaq: morbaq: 99% - burnout: 1%

My home brewed !battle script is clearly fond of it’s creator, and lets me live. The 8ball script, though, isn’t that optimistic:

21:41 <      Leif> Question nr. 29: Will I die of stress?
21:41 <      Leif> Answer: Outlook not so good.

Ok everyone, time to sell the morbaq-stocks you’ve spent your savings on. Sorry. But just to be certain, we’ll let pve give it a try:

21:48 <      Leif> Question nr. 30: Will Fredde pass the exam?
21:48 <      Leif> Answer: Ask again later.

Ok, at least it didn’t get worse. Maybe fate will let me live after all… A final check with pve’s fortune cookie:

21:49 <       pve> !fortune
21:49 <       pve> pve: The moving cursor writes, and having written, blinks on.

Wow, any deeper than that and we’ll find ourselves in the Mariana Trench. Summing up the odds, I’d say this isn’t the last post you’ll see on this blog. So, until later:

22:07 <      Leif> Question nr. 31: Will Fredde pass the exam?
22:07 <      Leif> Answer: I think so...

Over and out.



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2 responses to “Therapist bot

  1. Johan

    Did you pass? Out, from exhaustion?

  2. Fredrik

    I passed. Not out from exhaustion, but the exam! 🙂 Two down, 3½ to go.

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