Operation Defrost Freezer – phase one

I haven’t defrosted my freezer since I got it, 4 years ago. Nowadays it’s quite packed with ice and I can barely squeeze in a bag of bread or my ice cube trays. After some elaborate brain activity, I’ve concluded that I need to defrost my freezer.

A sound person would of course defrost during winter. Then you can easily chuck everything out onto your balcony or into the garden and defrost in peace and quiet. I’m clearly not one of those. Instead I decided to empty my freezer of all it’s contents during the warmest summer days. And don’t think that I intend to throw everything away, God bless no! I’m going to eat everything that’s in there.

It’s not so bad as it sounds. Although I have had some fresh pasta, beef stew and a pork schnitzel laying in my freezer for knows how long, I luckily threw these away some months ago. The only things left in my freezer now is some bread (always in stock), ice cream and lots of berries (before you ask: yes they’re from my mom and were deep frozen when I got them).

Phase one was commenced today – suboperation Smoothie.

Weaponry: Soy milk, natural youghurt, blender.
Targets: Blueberries, strawberries and cloudberries.
Battlefield: Kitchen.
Scenario: Throw the sad little frozen berries into the blender (about 250g of one race per batch) and pour 2dl petrol-milk and 2dl napalm-youghurt over them. Listen to their last screams fading away as you grind them in the blender for half a minute or so. Decorate with a straw and sip in the sweet taste of victory!


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One response to “Operation Defrost Freezer – phase one

  1. martin

    Hur gick det då? phase one… … fortgår ännu?

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