It's a pie!


Today 14.7.2007 at 19:32 a pie was born. With it’s 28 cm, 670 grams and raspberry cheeks, he’s one of the cutest pies I’ve ever seen. I’m so proud!Seriously… My friend S was generous enough to invite me to her mother’s allotment to pick some raspberries. “Otherwise they’ll just go bad, and you can keep all the berries you pick!”, was the bait. I swallowed it… Not only did she have loads of raspberries to pick, there were also huge amounts of redcurrant, some wild strawberries and even cucumbers! I got some of it all… 🙂

When I got home I decided not to do as my mom always does with fresh berries: put them in the freezer just to use them next summer. Noooo. So I made a pie. And that’s basically the end of the story.


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  1. S

    Visst var gurkorna goda? Jag plockade sju till på måndagen… men man orkar ju inte äta gurka hela tiden, så det blidde tre burkar örtinlagd gurka med vitlök, lime, persilja, timjan, mynta och svartpeppar. Och så blidde det rödavinbärsmuffins med kardemumma… :9 Mammor är bra att ha ibland.

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