You should be here!

I just bought a gift to give our friends in Germany next week during Kieler Woche. It’s a brand new guide book to Helsinki, but not the classical boring style guide book. No.

Amazing photos take up 99% of the total page space, and the only text provided is the authors’ comments about the pictures. The photos give quite another view of Helsinki than your average tourist is used to. Snapshots of people swimming in Havis Amanda, peeing in the street, drinking Fisherman’s Friend shots etc etc. They provide a raw and uncensored (but fair and fun) image of Helsinki being much more interesting than you’d suspect.

Some highlights:

Yrjönkatu Indoor Swimming Pool
“In Helsinki, outdoor swimming pools are rare for obvious reasons (polar bears) …”

Taxi Queue
“… But be aware, standing in a Helsinki taxi line at winter time can be fatal: either you freeze to death or you get stabbed by an angry fellow queuer.”

Bad Idea
“Don’t urinate in public. Not even if the locals do it. You might get fined.”

“There’s no translation for the word räkälä (though räkä=snot, räkälä=snot-pit). However, they are very common in Kallio, so let’s try to explain…”

All in all an excellent book for the ones curious about the dark secrets of Helsinki. I think I’ll buy one for myself.

You should be here!
Bulgaria design Oy
27,90€ @ Akateeminen


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