Dreams and surprises

I had a dream last night. An ordinary dream about me being an agent of some sort, running around the central train station in Helsinki trying to eliminate some people with an ED-209 type of machine that was about to do something really bad. Ok, this doesn’t make sense, but I can’t really remember the plot, if there were one… Anyways, at one point I was chased around by two enemies and decided to be smart enough to hide behind a corner and ambush them. Let’s say I was mildly unsuccessful…

When the two guys showed up in front of me, I zapped them with my laser gun (or whatever, at least it was silenced) only to realize to my horror that my gun only squirted water! Water! Hellooo… There I was, scared to death and ready to defend myself, and all I decided to have for ammo was water. I was shocked to say the least. Naturally a dream like that had to be stopped, so I woke up.

This incident got me thinking. Who the hell is creating my dreams? I mean, they’re my dreams. I am the director. I am the producer. I am the god damn writer!

First of all I would never have my gun shoot nonlethal water at scary people. Come on, give me somehing that kills, please. But even worse, why did the water surprise me? Why do dreams generally come as a surprise? If we’re the ones creating them, shouldn’t we know what’s hiding even in the darkest corners? Sure, in that case there wouldn’t be any point in dreaming since we’d know all the endings, but still…

I suppose it’s like thinking (duuh). I mean, we probably know what we want to think, but it takes time to come to the end of the thought… Unless you get some sort of revelation and see the whole truth in all it’s glory all at once.

Oh well, enough of this BS. I have a pie to eat.


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  1. I know the feeling. I once had a dream that a giant (i mean huge) snake was trying to attack my family, so i decided to chase it down. But when i found it, in a large ditch all I had to attack with was rocks to throw at it. They missed and had no effect. Somehow i alomost woke up, switched weapons to a pilbåge but that missed too. Then i was very close to being completely awake, but frustrated, so somehow i decided to enter the dream again with a Stägä. That was really successful. I remember that i was suprised how easily a stägä could solve those kind of situations. Rocks and arrows.. bah!

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