Still alive – and so are they

Yes yes, the surgery went fine. I was comfortably asleep during the whole procedure, so I didn’t know a thing. I still had to stay over night because of the anaesthesia. Actually I had to stay two nights since I got a high fever (almost 40°) due to an infection the night after the surgery. The nurses didn’t really know what caused it, but gave me some antibiotics which seemed to help.

So now I’ve got a bunch of stitches down there that should melt some time soon. Everything is also functioning normally, so I guess I’ll be as good as new in a couple of weeks. The only strange thing now is a bruise on the left side (not the problematic side) that hurts a bit. Don’t know what that’s about… Maybe I should call the hospital if it doesn’t go away soon.



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3 responses to “Still alive – and so are they

  1. J

    Whoa! Things happen, apparently. Bra att allt e ok.

  2. Doc

    He e ett blåmärke, should go away within 2weeks. Maybe they broke a blodkärl. It may be a bit on the tender side.
    Though I’ve not seen it so this is just speculations…
    The author of text above should not be held responsible for any consequenses or complications that may arise…

  3. Pete

    Bra att det ordna sig, man blir alltid orolig om det sker nåt “i den sektionen” so to speak!

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