They're going to cut my balls!

Yes, it’s true. I’m going in for surgery next Wednesday and hopefully I’ll still have all parts left when I come out.

Sometime in June my right testicle started to hurt, a lot. I was barely even able to sit down at work. Without hesitation I went to see a doctor who just did some routine check but couldn’t find anything peculiar. The pain went away after a while but came back about a month ago. Again, I went to the student health service and demanded an ultrasound check.

The results showed that my right testicle probably has turned upside down for some reason. This can be quite serious if the blood supply is cut off; worst case scenario is that it dies. But nothing is yet lost, everything is safe and sound, it only hurts like hell sometimes.

So next Wednesday it is. I’m getting anesthesia and stuff, quite scary. I’ve never had surgery before and the worst thing done to me is fixing holes in my teeth. So I’m in for a ride. But I’m sure it’s just an “in and out” procedure 😉

See you on the other side.


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  1. Martin

    Hej, lycka till imorgon.

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