Improvisational theatre

Yesterday I was really worn out. I had an exam on Tuesday to which I only studied about 3 days – 24/7. Typically me, always in the nick of time. Add to that Tuesday a bit of work and the organization of the application queue to our student’s association’s flats and you’ll have a full 6:30-22:00 day of non stop 100% brain activity.

So I was a bit tired yesterday and wanted to do something special with S after work. I found out that there was a summer theatre near Arabia that had put up an improvisational theatre. It was only 5 euros for students so we thought we’d give it a try. And although it started raining during the play, we didn’t regret a minute.

The show started off with a few questions to the audience. A starting location for the plot, a profession, a point in time and a title for the play were requested. Without further pondering, the act began in a cake shop where a soon-to-be-married couple and the groom’s mother we’re shopping for a wedding cake.

The plot evolved into a story about a noble and wealthy family who’s last generation son was about to get married to a former prostitute. The mother did not approve of this on some level, but it soon came out that the family’s history was blemished with a similar incident.

— true history —
In the late 16th century, the Finnish farmers revolted against the noble and the army. This evolved into a war wich ended with the farmers using maces as weapons.
— true history —

During this war, one of the farmers and a noble girl conceived a child. As it turned out, this child was the groom’s grand grand grand grand … grandmother, which allowed the groom’s mother to accept the bride into the family. In the end, the mother died and the newly wed couple conceived their own child. This offspring to the noble man and former prostitute released the family from the curse that was spelled upon them in the 16th century. The end.

Evidently, the actors took the audience for a real ride through several periods in time, switching scenes like in a movie and incredibly enough managed to tie everything up in the end. I thought that the actors would talk to each other between the scenes, but there was no talking at all. They really improvised everything.

The play is on all August, so please check it out if you happen to be in Helsinki.


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