How come I’m so busy nowadays that I can’t find the time to blog anymore? It was like a month ago I promised to write something about May 1st and Provoo. Since then, loads of things have happened and there’s lots of things to tell. Some reasons for my lack of spare time are probably my full time summer job, the partying abroad, the problems with my server and last but certainly not least The Girl. Well, better late than never, so here goes.

This year I decided to spend 1st of May with S, her brother and their friends at S’s parents’ house. It was kind of scary meeting all her friends and her brother’s friends and beeing at their parents’ house without even having met them. But it turned out to be really nice.

We had spent the day before at their summer house in Porvoo where we did all the shopping. It was a lovely summer day, incredibly warm and clear. In fact, If I had had a choice I probably would have stayed there instead of going back to Helsinki to party. But as all public holidays (and especially 1st of May), you’re expected to party and that’s what we did.

When returning from Porvoo, the schedule was quite tight. We had to get ourselves cleaned up and ready for the night, do some last minute shopping, prepare some of the food for the night, get some extra furniture and get our butts to the Market Square for the capping of Havis Amanda. We came a bit late and as usual, the capping was quite an anticlimax. Thousands of people gather around the statue and when the clock (which clock??) strikes six, everyone pops their bubbly and starts getting drunk (most people probably are drunk at that point already).

The problem is that no one knows when exactly the clock strikes six and only the few hundred people closest to the statue can see when the cap is actually put on. So the whole popping of the sparkling wine is like a collective desicion.

– Oh, hey the people over there have their hats put on already.
– Is it time now?
– Was that a champange bottled that popped?
– Shit, I think we’re late.
– No wait, it’s not six yet…
– Oh fuck it, let’s get drunk!

Quite silly actually.

After about a tenth of a second, people have shattered and are on their way to their own parties somewhere in the suburbs. So what’s the point? The crowd is too big to find any friends, the ceremony lasts about half a blink and everyone is in a hurry to get to the real home party afterwards. A total waste of time. But it still has to be done.

After the capping, we went back to S’s parents’ house to have dinner. We thought that the food would prepare itself in a few moments, but it turned out to be a bit more laborious than that. I scrubbed potatoes for about two hours while others fried meat, chopped salad, ground cheese and socialized in the living room with wine and nachos. About two-three hours late we finally got down to eating the damn food and at this point, it was all down hill.

The party continued at our students’ nation where at that point the crowd was quite small. We came there about three o’clock and at four, one of the organizers threw us out. Home to bed and up again on Monday for breakfast in Kaisaniemi park. The breakfast was wild and you just can’t survive it if you have too much blood in your alcohol, so I started off with a beer immediately after waking up. We ate, drank, had fun and laughed with S’s friends from Nylands nation.

At some point (my conception of time wasn’t the most reliable) we decided to visit my friend J at his studen’t organization’s afterparty. Upon arrival, we were fairly marinated and the sun was shining on the inner court, so before going home to have a well-deserved good night’s sleep, we basically just laid down and fried ourselves on the asphalt with our own minibar in the backpack. “zis is ze liife” as someone would have said.


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