Long time no blog

At last, a couple of hours of peace and quiet at home. I just came home from a three-hour biking trip with my younger sister and have to cool down a bit before I can go to bed.

So, what’s happened lately? I was supposed to write something about Ylonz, but never got the time to do it, so I’ll start off with that.

Ylonz, the more or less famous beer orienteering invented by the Swedish speaking students of Helsinki University of Technology, was this year organized on the 22nd of April, which was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for drinking beer and cause disturbance on buses and trams. The idea is to make your way to six pubs in six hours and drink 0,5l beer per team memeber at each pub (plus start and goal beer). The only clues you get is a paper with a bunch of riddles on it, so you have to figure out which pubs to go to and try to find your way to the goal in Otaniemi before it closes.

My team consisted of myself (no shit) and my fellow computer science students C and J. C, not beeing really big, was up for a real challenge since she had to drink 0,5l beer at each pub as the rest of the guys (the all women teams drink 0,3l cider instead). Although we had some trouble after the fourth pub and had to rest for a while behind a garage in Lauttasaari, we got a fairly good time when we finally crossed the finishing line and downed the last goal beers. In the men’s series, we ended up as 21st team and amongst all teams as 34th of 133 participating tams.

The afterparty was all right with sauna, swimming and more beer but at least I was so exhausted from running across the city all day that I mostly just went apathetic in between some shots and sporadic discussions with some friends.

Still to come: the first of May and beautiful days in Porvoo. But I’m too tired for that now. Check back later. Nighty night!


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