Ex tempore picnic #1

Although the weather isn’t yet really what you would define as a sit-out-in-a-park-and-drink-wine-weather, I was on my first real spring picnic on Monday. As with all good things, this event wasn’t planned in advance.

I had been working at home all day, trying to get some stupid Windows media player ActiveX controller working in an application for a PocketPC (more on this later perhaps) and was on my way to Botta for the start of the “live at osakunta” week (I can’t be bothered translating everything at this hour). I had just gotten in through the door before a couple of friends ask me if I want to join them for a picnic in Kaivopuisto. Luckily, I didn’t have any strict plans for the night, and ex tempore picnics are usually the most fun ones, so how could I resist?

I grabbed my brother in arms N, who arrived at the same time as I, and went shopping wine, feta-salad, olives, baguettes and some Kinder eggs that were on sale. We joined up with J, K and M in Kamppi and we were all set – destination Kaivari. We found a nice spot up on the very peak of the hill where we had both sunshine and a nice view of the still partially frozen sea. The food was good, the weather fantastic and although we didn’t get any free Red Bull from the Red Bull girls patrolling the area (surprisingly enough, they were really generous with the ugly naked guy in front of us), the picnic was a success. A seagull which we named Tuomas had even joined us and by the time the bottle of wine was empty, Tuomas had cloned himself into a bird flu squad. We threw an olive at him.

As the sun set behind the Eira skyline, we went home to Botta where S joined me and watched Ocean’s Eleven on tv. A perfect ending to a perfect day.


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