Who needs knives anyway?


FORK concert at Savoy in about 2h.
I’ve got tickets.

The gig was allright. It wasn’t superb, but it didn’t suck either. They’ve started using more and more special sound effects to more closely mimic the sounds of electric guitars, drums and other instruments. It sounds good, yes, but the whole idea of singing a cappella is partly lost in my opinion.

The repertoir consisted mostly of old “classics” like Smooth criminal, Livin’ la vida loca, their rap-medley Can’t a loop, Dingo’s Autiotalo and so on. A few new songs did find their way into the playlist as well, for example Queen’s Bohemian rhapsody, which was the closing number after the encore.

The gig’s failure to raise the roof can partly be blamed on the venue, Savoy. It’s a bit too big for this kind of concert and the fact that people are sitting down in their chairs makes it really hard to get the audience warmed up. Perhaps the Finnish people has to get comfortable with a couple of vodkas before they let loose… The best FORK gig I’ve been to was the one in Lilla teatern, about 4-5 years ago. At that time, FORK was fresh, inexperienced and really relaxed and fun, and Lilla teatern was the perfect intimate little place for a gig like theirs. Nowadays, everything has to be exceedingly big and flashy with long intro-movies, rappelling from the ceiling, using visual and audial effects etc etc. These extravagant unnecessities don’t save the gig though. Instead FORK should do more small and low-tech concerts. Intimacy is the key to great a cappella.


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