Where are all the chocolate eggs?

Strange feeling spending easter on my own for the first time. Up until now I’ve gone home to my parents in Jakobstad for easter but this year I decided to stay in Helsinki. I’ve got lots of stuff to take care of, so I thought I’d use these days to tick off a few lines on my todo list. My schoolwork has suffered a bit when I’ve been busy going to all these parties all the time. So finally a whole weekend off, let’s do some work, yay…

Lonely feeling though. Even though this is like any other weekend, the mere knowledge that all my friends have left Helsinki for the holidays makes it feel odd. Even the girl I’m dating is out of town, sigh… Oh, it isn’t that bad actually. I’ve got a few friends also spending easter here, so I thought I’d have a couple of them over for dinner on Saturday. Three course meal with lots of wine. NO, shit. I promised myself not to drink anything for two weeks after that Estonia-adventure. Ah, fuck it, it’s only easter once a year! 😈 (My god, when am I going to take things seriously again…?)

My friend M is coming home from Germany tonight to spend easter with his family. His plane arrives at 22:50 (right about now) and we decided to go for a beer when he reaches Helsinki, which is about 23:30. He’s going to spend the night at my place and leave for Jakobstad at 07:00 in the morning. Another under 7h night to look forward to. Should probably go to work tomorrow as well, even though it’s Good Friday. I’ve got stuff to take care of, as I mentioned.

Got to return some videotapes. Catch you later.


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