Sleepless nights and yet another party

We fought well but it wasn’t enough. The Urho-mystery was won by another team yesterday morning. We only had one clue yet to get from the organizers, but apparently they were asleep when we requested it, so the other team beat us to the treasure. Anyway, it was a fantastic experience although I haven’t been sleeping much this week since we’ve been crunching riddles all night. Looking forward to a sequel next year.

This weekend was supposed to be a sober and quiet one, since my parents are visiting (sleeping at my place) and I’ve been partying more than enough this spring already. I was almost on my way to this student’s union party on Saturday but forgot to respond to the invitation in time. “Just as well”, I thought and was already looking forward to a peaceful weekend for once. But easily convinced as I am, my friend talked me into coming anyway and arranged with the organizers yesterday morning that I could come. Now afterwards, I thank him. The party was really good and there were loads of new, interesting and sweet people there. Life is full of surprises. My mom got worried and called me when I hadn’t gotten home at 7 in the morning. Luckily she isn’t here all the time – for her own sake…


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