The Urho-mystery

A couple of friends of mine came up with this idea (it was probably late on some afterparty and the guys were most likely under influence) to create a competition called the Urho-mystery. This game, which started on Monday, consists of a series of riddles and clues which lead the teams of three to different locations in Helsinki where they get more clues and riddles.

I got an invitation to be one of the team leaders. My first task was to find two reliable, creative and fun friends to join my team. This was the easy part. When the game started though, it got much more difficult. I can’t tell you anything about the tasks we have, but I’ll share the information when the game is won – by us.

This competition is supposed to go on for about two weeks, but after only three days it seems that this will be over much sooner. It’s also not supposed to be time-consuming and interfere with our normal lives (schoolwork and such things), but since it started, my brain has been crunching the riddles 24/7. One of my team members even dreamt one night that we were out looking for clues. This is taking up all our time and energy at the moment. But it’s fun and we love it! Kudos to the creators!


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