New blog

Rejoice, my own blog is here!

A friend of mine came babbling about this wordpress project today, and I decided to take a look at it. The promised “five minute setup” didn’t quite execute in five minutes, rather 1 hour. Am I slow or is five minutes a grave underestimate?

Well, to be honest, the setup was childsplay. Really easy. I only fucked up once, and this is what I learned: Don’t run the install.php page until you have decided what url your blog will have! I “test-installed” it under /wordpress, ran the install-script and then changed the location to the server root. Not a good idea. Sure, the main page displayed, but the stylesheet had vanished and the links didn’t work. So I changed it back. Hence the url… Maybe I’ll fix it later.

So, my first blogging came to be geek-talk. Surprise. Hopefully I’ll write something more interesting later on. Check back for more unuseful information about my little life.

Over and out.



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5 responses to “New blog

  1. The URI change turned out to be a piece of cake. Just an option in the admin interface. Stupid, stupid.

  2. Om du är intresserad av att få hit en kalender, så ta en titt på den här pluginnen:

    Man kan t.ex sätta in den sidomenyn ovanför search-boxen.

    I kalendern synns kommande(och gågna) evenemang och deras tidspunkt, när man klickar på ett evenemang öppnas posten som beskriver evenemanget.

  3. Christine

    aha, well I will check it out religiously (of course;)
    I am looking forward to seeing what you are gonna do “with the place”:)

  4. Marina

    Så fint, så fint! 🙂

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